# 112B –A World of Colour

Let me say at the outset that I’m impressed with women who can make a pleasing outfit with subtle shades of grey.

For good or ill, that’s not me. The other week I got a sudden notion to clean out my clothes closet, and take some unwanted items to the thrift shop. Here’s what my closet looked like when I finished.

Sues-ClosetThe first thing to strike me were the swatches of strong colour – orange, red and purple mainly. I’ve loved the colour orange for a long time.  A few friends have hinted that they’re getting tired of it. Purple also has a history. Red with black is a newer addition. But I started out with subdued colours.

When I was a beginning pastor, a young adult asked me, “Sue, why do you always wear such dull clothes?  Brighten up!”  So I did. (I wore “dull colours” in those early days because I didn’t want to “stand out” as a young female pastor.)

When I was a younger pastor, I had a purple dress and purple shoes.  I liked them enough that I wore them to church from time to time – until another young  woman started calling me “her purple highness.”

Actually, I secretly wished I could wear robes in liturgical colours.

Sue and her mother in Sue’s St. Jacobs office; the quilted wallhanging is from Charm, Ohio

Other evidences of colour in my world have included: quilts and quilted wall hangings, spring and summer flowers,  the spring green of the golf course and its trees across the way, maple trees in fall.

I have also reveled in patterns, such as fields in summer.

Recently I found a spiritual exercise in an old journal which I wrote on a retreat a few years ago.  Taking off from the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3,  it reads in part like this:

How can a woman who is old be born?

  •  in simplicity; in simple pleasures; in focus;
  •  in NOT needing to have anything to prove;
  •  in carrying the past, not as burden or baggage, but as gift;
  • in strong earth colours (brown, orange, green, yellow, deep red);
  • in vulnerability 
  • in hope
  • in protest!
  • with the Spirit as a gentle loving current within. 

I was pleased to find this journal entry; it still speaks wisdom to me. And I’m glad it includes colour!

Questions for Reflection:

  1. What is your reaction to wearing strong colours?
  2. What would you add to or subtract from my list of “how a woman who is old can be born”?