#96 – The Grist Mill

This week I’m introducing another blog format which I plan to use from time to time – a photo of Sam’s with some short commentary. This photo was taken on January 2, 2008.Abe-Erb-Mill It’s  taped to the blue door of our condo unit. Almost everyone who knocks at the door is taken with it, and asks something like: “That picture looks sort of familiar but I can’t place it.  Where was it taken?”  Or ” I don’t think I’ve ever seen that building.  What it is?”

If you drive in Waterloo, you pass this scene on your right every time you curve around Caroline St. N. in its approach to  Erb St.  This building is now dwarfed by the Perimeter Institute behind it, and by the Clay and Glass Museum on the corner.  Good drivers aren’t looking at buildings at all at this spot, but rather trying to change lanes properly and not get cut off!

Abe-on-DoorThe building was constructed by the City of Waterloo in 1996 as a replica of the first grist mill built in the city by Abraham Erb in 1816, at the same spot by Silver Lake.  It’s part of Waterloo Park, and can be approached on foot or bicycle from within the park, or from a parking lot off Caroline St.  It’s a popular spot for weddings and for photos, and can host up to 75 people.

Seeing how many motorists don’t even notice this building I wonder, “What beautiful places do I drive by regularly without really seeing and enjoying them?”

Next week: TBA