#108 – Surprises while I Wait


I encountered several surprises this week as I watched and waited for “real spring.”

This enlarged photo of hyacinths and-surprise!-a butterfly which I can’t identify, was taken in Rockway Gardens this week. Is it perhaps a Painted Lady?


Sam enlarged it to better highlight the butterfly, which flitted about and sometimes lay flat on the hyacinths, but ignored the nearby daffodils.

The butterfly was just one of the surprises of this coolish week. Others included opening the blinds and seeing the  panorama of trees leafing.  Or listening to birdsong from the open bedroom window. Or walking the garden paths at Rockway in the late afternoon sun, seeing how much is changing from day to day. Or noticing forsythia bushes bursting out yellow on our countryside drives.

On one such drive, we encountered rain on the way home. As the rain pattered on the hood of the car, I remembered how as a child I used to enjoy the sound of  rain from the backseat. I remembered how safe I felt in that enclosed space, and how much I liked the rhythm of the windshield wipers.  The only thing missing was the rhythmic squeak of the wipers as they reached a certain spot in their cycle….

Yes, indeed, “real spring” is coming. And I’m increasingly enjoying the surprises along the way….

Questions for Reflection:

Do you prefer “getting there”?  Or rather enjoying the surprises along the way?

Next Week: TBA


6 thoughts on “#108 – Surprises while I Wait

  1. I love the way you help me see and hear things I might otherwise rush by. As someone said the other day, it’s a time of year when every time we open the blinds there seems to be a new surprise to enjoy – if we stop to take notice.
    I want to practice noticing it all – the journey and the destination (real spring).

    Muriel Bechtel
    515 Langs Dr., Unit J,
    Cambridge, ON
    N3H 5E4
    Home telephone: 519-219-3344
    Cellphone: 226-338-6915

    Every sunrise brings the promise of a new beginning.

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  2. Thanks again, Sue, for sharing your thoughtful observance of little things we tend to whiz by on our way to get to where we are going. Thanks for inviting to enjoy the delightful journey – at least sometimes, barring road construction and such, but let’s not go there!

    On Wednesday, enroute to Waterloo North as we noticed leaves of trees almost unfolding as we rolled by, the words that soon the magnolias would burst into bloom were scarcely out of mouth when we saw one in full glory. Magnificent!

    By the way, there are now 12 wee tomatoes on your plants and that largest plante is almost a tree! The plants really want to go outdoors. Perhaps one day soon, but I don’t think today. Stop in when you walk by.




  3. Hi Sue.We like surprises along the way. Our car does U-turns. 🙂 I think we may have seen the same butterfly in the gardens on Sunday evening. Someone identified it as a Red Admiral. There were a number of them beside in the sloped bed which featured the anniversary of Oktoberfest last year. When they close their wings they seem to “disappear”.Isn’t the sea of Scillas beautiful’!?We couldn’t believe how much burst out between Sunday evening and Tuesday evening.What a lovely time of year.We plan to go to leave for Goshen on Tuesday morning ad return Sunday evening.My sister and her husband have orioles , bluebirds, and many other birds visiting their back yard.We’ll cancel the Record until Saturday. Would you mind picking up that one?Thanks.Arlene


  4. I like both the journey and arriving at the destination. Sometimes there is perceptible no journey. For instance, yesterday when I looked out the window I saw spread out before me bright yellow almost everywhere set out on a green background, There were dafedells, forsythia, bright marsh-marigolds along the stream and dandelions (which many people seem to dislike, but which I see as lovely wildflowers). For me in this picture there was thought of no yesterday nor of to-morrow, but only the present beauty to soak up and enjoy.


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