#104 – Looking in Every Direction

This week I decided to adapt an exercise in seeing from The Soul’s Slow Ripening by Christine Valters Paintner (CVP).

Here’s what I did. On our Sunday afternoon countryside drive, I alerted Sam that I would be asking him to stop and take a photo of something in the landscape that attracted my attention. On Powell Road (between Hawkesville and Wallenstein, Ontario) we drove past a field that looked like some new green growth was trying to break through.  Sam was not at all sure the green growth would “show” on the photo, but we decided to take the photo anyway.  It showed.


The next part of the exercise was to do a 1/4 turn to the left and take a picture of whatever we see. We saw Powell Road with its fence posts, Independent Old Order (David Martin) farms in the distance, plus a large farm bush.


That scene, which we’ve noticed every time we’ve  driven down Powell Road, reminded us of summer baseball games and pink flower gardens  and substantial farm-based industries on those distant farms. Then we took another 1/4 turn to the left with the camera, and came upon one such farm close up.


So what do I make of all this? “We are sometimes so captivated by what is in front of us that we miss what is to the side of or behind us,”claims CVP (p. 77).

Such beauty, such promise everywhere – if only we have eyes to see.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Try taking 1/4 turn photos when driving or walking and ponder what you usually miss.
  2. What have you missed in life by turning only one direction?  What have you gained by looking to the left or the right or behind you?

Next week: TBA

3 thoughts on “#104 – Looking in Every Direction

  1. Thank you for taking us along on your Sunday drive, stirring up our thoughts with reminders to look at things from more than one direction or viewpoint.


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