# 103 – Of Butterflies, Finches and Turtles

In this week which teased us between spring and a return to winter, I gloried in all-out spring for a couple hours on two different sunny days. I first went with a friend, then returned with my favorite photographer.

I basked in the energy of a massive climate-controlled butterfly garden – the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.  This week I didn’t consult the guidebook to try to identify each butterfly that flew by – there were too many of them, and they were too energetic. This week I simply observed the warmth and beauty of the conservatory. In 30 years, I’ve never seen the plants looking so lush.


Pair-of-Birds-2Turtle-on-RockNot only did I revel in the butterflies and the abundant miniature finches, but also in the slider turtles lounging by the pond, draping themselves over the rocks in various configurations.

The butterfly conservatory always  nourishes my soul. I love the loud splash of the waterfall. The usual squealing of children was tamed this week by the presence of 10 seniors in wheelchairs with their attendants.  I was pleased to enjoy the colour and energy and warmth of the place with them.

I always leave the Conservatory calm and happy, pondering the transformation of new butterflies drying off their  wings over by the emergence window. My calm spirit in the midst of all that energy always mystifies me

Questions for Reflection:

  1. In weeks that tease you between spring and a return to winter, what places of “all out spring” does your spirit inhabit?
  2. As winter turns to spring, what nourishes your soul?
  3. How, if at all, do newly emerged butterflies connect for you with the Easter story?

Next Week:






8 thoughts on “# 103 – Of Butterflies, Finches and Turtles

  1. It was a beautiful oasis – so full of life and colour. And sharing it makes it linger. Thanks for these pictures and the memories.

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    515 Langs Dr., Unit J,
    Cambridge, ON
    N3H 5E4
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    Every sunrise brings the promise of a new beginning.


  2. As I traveled back and forth to VA to check on my Aunt, the blooming Red Buds, Forsythia,Pear, and Cherry trees were glorious all along the valleys. Many of these trees don’t grow very well, if at all, in our cold climate at home. A welcome sight all around.


  3. We were there three weeks ago, the end of March break and many children. It was a pleasure to hear them and observe their excitement. One landed on our granddaughter’s hand and stayed there for a long time. A gorgeous oasis of new life with butterflies and innocent children.


  4. Thank you for taking us with you to visit the butterfly conservatory! Your favorite photographer’s photos, along with your words are a lovely touch of Spring.


  5. The butterfly conservatory looks to be a beautiful place. My touch of Spring was watching our little dogs playing in the sunshine; especially our ex breeder, who had a horrible start in life. To see her rolling about joyously in the park was a truly special moment, which I’ve blogged about.


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