#102 The Great Blue Heron

We came upon this stately bird standing in the “salmon stream” beside a cottage road in June 2016.  We’d walked by Gleason Brook near Wiarton for years, but had never seen a great blue heron there. We were startled by its beauty and its perseverance.


Sam took the photo with a telephoto lens from the bridge over the brook. The heron,  camouflaged somewhat by wild grasses, stood perfectly still and paid no mind to us.  It gave all its attention to locating and catching the next fish.

Years ago a small public park  provided access to Gleason Brook.  The  grass was mown and we could walk right up beside the stream.  But sadly, in more recent years, we found the little park overgrown with tall grasses, with the sign toppled over.


Since we usually came to Gleason Brook in June, it took years for us to recognize it as a salmon run.  One year in September we saw the salmon moving upstream to spawn.  We saw their great effort in jumping upstream from pool to pool in the brook, which carried very little water that fall. It seemed like such hard work….

Questions for Reflection:

  1. When have you really paid attention to something, as the heron waiting for a fish?  What was that like for you?
  2. In what circumstance have you taken in the beauty of the great blue heron or other bird or animal?
  3. When have you looked at something in nature for years without recognizing what it was, as with me and the salmon run?

Next week: TBA

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