#100 – Winter and Spring

Last weekend, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons washed over us as violinist Nikki Chooi and the K-W Symphony put on an amazing performance at Kitchener’s Centre in the Square.

The only thing missing was the scenery Sam and I see in all seasons on countryside drives, as we listen to a CD of The Four Seasons.

As a followup to hearing The Four Seasons live, I decided to choose a favorite winter and a favorite spring photo of Sam’s, representing the season we’d so like to leave behind, and the one we’re anticipating.

February-2017The winter photo I chose didn’t require driving into the countryside – just walking a few steps into my study. Taken  just after 7 a.m. one morning  in February 2015, it features the lights leading to Rockway Gardens in the foreground and the trees and snow of the golf course in the middle ground. In the distance are the  expressway (and other) lights, Mt. Trashmore (reclaimed garbage dump), the red Staples sign and more.

It is my favorite winter scene. I love seeing the city wake up.  All seems right with the world, somehow – even with traffic on the expressway.

Peaks-of-Otter A favorite spring picture taken by Sam is harder to identify. There are so many to choose from. I’m drawn to photos taken south of the border, remembering how we loved to drive to Pennsylvania in early April, when vestiges of winter hung on in Ontario.  This photo comes from further south, showing the rustic Peaks of Otter Lodge in Virginia in the 1990’s.  We’ve stayed there and enjoyed the restaurant and the grounds at least three times, usually  in spring.

Both music and experiencing the seasons nourish and invigorate my spirit.  Putting them together is wonderful!

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Does music nourish and invigorate your spirit?  Does the change of seasons nourish your spirit?
  2. If they both nourish your spirit,  how do you put them together?

* * * * *

Today I’m posting Blog #100!  Initially I planned for 70 blogs, but was unable to stop. I hope to continue to post more blogs, but I may need to skip a week now and then, given the vagaries of cancer.

Thank you, readers,  for your thoughtful feedback and for the way different ones of you have held particular blogs in your heart.

The act of writing this blog nourishes me. So do you the readers.

Next week: Mind-Changing Books of Childhood




16 thoughts on “#100 – Winter and Spring

  1. Yesterday Winnipeg was covered in hoarfroast in the soft pinks and blues of sunrise. Now I’m wondering what music I would put to that lovely scene… may be Ola Gjeilo’s “The Ground”…

    Thanks for nourishing us with these blogs, Sue.


  2. congrats on 100! Peaks of Otter is close to my heart. This was my family’s favorite Sunday drive and picnic location when I was growing up. My grandfather helped to construct the Blue Ridge Parkway. My favorite picture of my aunt and uncle is one that I took of them in front of the restaurant one summer. (Uncle died about 6 years ago. My aunt now 89 and slipping away from us) My most recent Jr. Ranger badge was earned at PoO last summer. I keep a picture of the peaks where I can see it. Spring and Fall are truly glorious on BRP and at PoO.


  3. Thanks for sharing all these weeks! 100 Posts! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you more and more with these posts. Since I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up around my cousins, this has been a blessing. Think of you often!


  4. Thank for you for writing – each week I anticipate the writing, the questions for reflection and the pictures. You are a gift – Lisa


  5. Again this week I’ve enjoyed your writing — congratulations on reaching #100! I too have fond memories of a weekend when Stanley and I enjoyed staying at the peaceful Peaks of Otter Lodge (probably also in the 1990s). I appreciate the way you connect music, photography, spirituality, relationships, ordinary daily events, memories — there’s so much to treasure. Best wishes as your journey continues. Marlene


  6. Sue, I am really appreciating your blogs. I bought your book, but I’m saving it for when you can’t write blogs any more. Thank you for your continued ministry.


  7. Both music and the change of seasons nourish me, however, I have not thought to connect them. Growing up on a farm the spring season of preparing the soil and planting the crops and gardens was a significant part of my formation. The fall season of harvesting the crops and putting the fields and gardens to rest also became a part of my “DNA”. After I was married and an empty nester, my husband and I would drive to a farming area to see the freshly plowed fields in the spring and the harvested fields in the fall. These trips were important for me to emotionally and spiritually make the transition of new life and a more intense life in the spring and to enter into the rest and renewing that came with the fall.

    We are no longer able to make these trips so maybe I can make connections to these seasonal transitions through music. thank you, Sue, for this question. Now is a good time to begin.


  8. Hi, Carol, Those spring and fall drives to farming areas from times past sound wonderful! I hope you can find a way through music or other means to continue to find nourishment through these seasonal transitions. Sue


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