#98 – Reflections on Water

This wintry week, filled with high political drama, I escaped to Ontario cottage country through two favorite water photos taken by Sam.

In summer and autumn, I  enjoy gazing at lakes I’ve come to know, marveling at how much the surface of the water keeps changing.

Sometimes a lake presents itself smooth as glass, with scarcely a wrinkle. Then shapes and colours appear – nature gifting us with Impressionist art in trees reflected on the water.


My favorite lake photo depicting this wonder is Minkes Lake in Grey County.  It’s a private-access lake, surrounded by cottages. The mooing of some Grey Co. cows add the sound effects as we take in the beauty of the scene before us. I keep  marveling at colourful tree images which appear to reach deep into the lake.

I sit and quietly take it all in. I could watch the lake for hours, but the image likely won’t last that long. For at the slightest breeze, or with the slightest ripple in the waters, the lake again reflects nothing but itself.


In a similar phenomenon to Minkes Lake, this clouds-on-water image from Colpoys Bay near Wiarton startled us one summer day as we looked out the window of the cottage we were renting. The reflected clouds seemed as real as the ones in the sky, if not more so….

These photos leave me with a number of  “I wonder” questions.

I wonder:

  1. When else does illusion look like reality for me?  Why is it so mesmerizing?
  2. How do I, made in the image of God, reflect God’s love?  Do I bring it nearer to earth, as these reflected clouds seem so very near?
  3. Is my spirit ever still enough for the image of God in me to put on a display of such extravagant beauty as in these two photos?

Next week: TBA



4 thoughts on “#98 – Reflections on Water

  1. Stunning photos! I fear too often my life has more ripples than still water. Still, something to ponder.

    Muriel Bechtel
    515 Langs Dr., Unit J,
    Cambridge, ON
    N3H 5E4
    Home telephone: 519-219-3344
    Cellphone: 226-338-6915

    Every sunrise brings the promise of a new beginning.


  2. Hi Sue.  You and Sam make a good photojournalist team  with your inspiring  reflections  and Sam’s artistic photography.Thanks for sharing. Arlene


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