#61 — A Perfect Sunday

Looking back, I thought – “now that was a perfect day.”

My Sunday morning began as usual, with the opinion and arts sections of Saturday’s Globe and Mail.

Then I wrote in my journal in a leisurely fashion, and read a couple articles in Presence, the magazine of Spiritual Directors International. A poem about snow geese, cranes, herons and whales attracted my eye and my spirit.


Abundant lupins on Prince Edward Island

After that, bright orange and red poppies called to me as I walked through Rockway Gardens across the street. The colourful lupins reminded me of roadside ones we saw in the Maritimes a year ago.

Back at home I took coloured pencils and experimented with artwork to accompany a text I’ve been considering lately:

Thus says the Lord:
Stand at the crossroads, and look,
     and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way lies; and walk in it,
     and find rest for your souls.
Jeremiah 6:16a

Pastor Scott blessing a bicycle

Then we walked to church for a special service of “Blessing the Bicycles.”  Cyclists from preschoolers to seniors  rode their bikes to church, storing them at the back of the parking lot under the watchful eyes of two biking veterans. The service focused on seeing the natural world up close, being environmentally friendly, and imagining various kinds of blessing with biblical writers.

At the end of the service, we processed to the parking lot, where our pastor “blessed” each bicycle by putting a dab of 3-in-1 oil on the sprocket while we sang. It was a great intergenerational event!  One family grouping included a grandfather in his 70’s, along with his two daughters, a son-in-law,  and five grandsons…

After lunch and my nap, we headed across town to take in an event at Conrad Grebel University College. Starting a bit late, we got caught in slow-moving traffic in Victoria Park when I suggested, “It’s a perfect day…why don’t we go driving instead?”

The Conestogo River at Three Bridges near St. Jacobs

Thus began a long, leisurely drive combining parts of our two favorite excursions through Old Order Mennonite and Amish country.

What made that jaunt more perfect than usual was listening to seven innings of an amazing Toronto Blue Jays baseball game on the radio while driving. [Yes, I’ve become a serious fan over the past several years.] The flagging Jays won the game against the flagging Orioles 13-3, with rallies in the 4th, 5th and 6th innings, causing us to hoot with satisfaction….

But there was more! When we arrived home we relived our hymn sing of a couple weeks ago by looking at photos on the computer and deciding which ones to print.  Then after supper Sam read to me the first two months of my Aunt Esther’s diary from 1950, courtesy of a cousin. [The musty smell makes these diaries too difficult for me to read myself].

Thus I eavesdropped on my 37-year-old aunt. I glimpsed her life as a pastor’s wife, a mother and sister, a piano teacher, and a woman willing to name in private that certain endeavors of other people had “flopped”!

Published by Viking 

Finally I settled into a charming novel which our women’s book club at church will be discussing in September. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles recounts the adventures of a fictional Russian count under house arrest in a  formerly swanky Moscow hotel after the Revolution….

Reading the newspaper…journaling…walking in the public gardens…playing with art…blessing bicycles…driving through the country… listening to an amazing ballgame…recalling our hymn sing…glimpsing the life of a favorite aunt…losing myself in a novel.

A perfect rejuvenating Sunday….

Question for Reflection:  What does a perfect rejuvenating Sunday look like for you?

Next week:  Standing at the Crossroads


4 thoughts on “#61 — A Perfect Sunday

  1. Hi Sue,

    This piece, as usual, was lovely. I particularly enjoyed the photo of lupins, which took my back to our trip to the Maritimes with Marg and Lew Weber in 1997. Lorrie also has lovely lupins in her flower garden. Some years ago she sent me a photo which I printed on regular paper, always planning to get proper stock at Staples and redo it – which I never did. Since my computer crash months ago, the electronic version is gone – but I still have the rather faded photo on my wall above my desk.

    Do enjoy the flowers. There should be more coming in Rockway Gardens, which are looking a bit bleak right now. But new plantings will brighten them up soon.

    Take care of yourself and I continue to pray each day that God will give you strength and the best day possible!




  2. Hi Sue,

    I especially enjoyed your description of a perfect day, partly because it includes so many of the things that make a day perfect for me as well: beauty, church family, spouse, spontaneity, memories, etc.

    Your positive attitude is amazing! At this point, you are on meds that drain your usual energy, you are not permitted to drive, you are denied a normal diet, you have concerns about the future, etc. And yet you find so much enjoyment in much of each day.

    Thank you for sharing by way of your always anticipated blog.

    Your friend,


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